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Come again? Bell being called a slut?

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Her personality and actions don't result in her being one. She's a dedicated maid that does what's best for the fleet.


As time goes on getting closer with her master, she makes connections with the other shipgirls, makes sure her master is in check, enjoys having her master be comfortable with her, and wanting more attention from her master while serving him more based on her quotes from affinity levels "friendly" to "pledge". That's how I see Bell, especially since I oathed her after getting to know how the developers deed her to be and what type of personality she had.

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But Sirius easily outclasses Bel in outright lewdness. Ignoring the whole slut nonsense, no, Sirius is easily the lewdest among the Royal Maids. But still no slut tho.

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Sirius is just Except shes not what in sams hell would make belfast a slut people just call anything they want to have sex with a slut so they can look better to themselves. Slides book into glove and hands it to Hood.

Me: hears Belfast called a slut.

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Also me: Alright boys; time to lay the Exterminatus on those heretics. I mean she can do everything and not even once I ever saw her distressed or in any need for help.

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You're referring to brainlet coomers who have only seen fanart and read doujins. They're by far the worst part of the fanbase. Side note, the format i found on google was made in mematic, all i did was add the top text in paint lol. If we go by visuals alone, she's the one wearing a chain around her neck so I guess that's why some might come to that conclusion.

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Found the internet! I've seen a lot of ppl call Belfast a slut :.

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OC Meme. Posted by. Sort by: best.

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Continue this thread. Belfast has her lewd side, yes Give The D to the E to F. Sirius: And I took that personally.

Taihou is Mine. Me: hey Roon, I have a job for you!

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Roon: kaboom? Me: yes Roon, kaboom!

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Exterminatus it is then. For me Belfast is more like the stereotype of perfect maid.

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Not enough Akagi art. Belfast is basicly a Hime no Yamato in disguise as for the people talking about Sirius, Sirius does some crazier stuff but she doesnt carry herself as confidently. Belfast is best girl.

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